Lions Clubs of California can prevent diabetic blindness

 Not everyone has resources to be screened for diabetic retinopathy.  It is also time consuming and the inconvenience of having your eyes dilated,  With a Digital Retina Scanner, Lions Clubs of California would be able to do a retina exam.  Lions Clubs need your help to purchase these cameras.  Currently, the California Lions Friends in Sight do not have any of these cameras.  Watch the short video on left about diabetic retinopathy and the digital retina scanner.

help California Lions Friends in Sight prevent retinopathy

Three Saturdays per month California Lions Friends in Sight host free vision screenings throughout Southern California and Mexico.  At each screening event, Lions Clubs volunteers screen over 300 people who do not have resources for visions exams.   With your help, California Lions Clubs can purchase the DRS. The cameras will be immediately put into use at our already ongoing screening events. Watch the video on the left then contact us at: 949-231-2713 or email us at: