Chef Robert Lewis - The Happy Diabetic

Chef Robert Lewis, "The  Happy Diabetic" shares his healthy tasty recipes for people with diabetes and those that want to eat healthy.  Visit his website at: The Happy Diabetic and listen to his podcast at:  The Happy Diabetic Podcast.

Fat is Back!

 Registered Dietician and CDE Adriana Valencia explains the difference between good fats and bad fats and how we can still have tons of flavor in our food with WAY less fat! 

The keto diet: a high fat fad or freaking fabulous

 The Keto Diet is a hot trend and lots of people are having amazing weight loss results with it. Dietitian Adriana Valencia explains exactly what it is, how it's different than Atkins or Paleo, and whether or not it's safe for people with diabetes. 

throw out your measuring cups ! how to really count carbs

 Adriana, the ultimate dietitian, discusses practical carbohydrates counting and other dietary tips for people with diabetes..........EVERYONE!